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Ombo Legal Research Centre (The OLRC) proffers services relative to law and other fields of study or profession that are relative to it; thus, as The OLRC delves into law, it will appreciate Sociocultural, Political and Economic factors that sway or might sway the manner in which the interpretation and/or application of the law will be effected.

There are nine areas of Law or concern that The OLRC invests it’s intellectual staff. For instance, there is a Team that writes or drafts Contracts, Research Papers and Organisations internal By-Laws, a Team that zooms into Intellectual Property et al. In effecting these services, The Consultancy ensures that the same is thoroughly reviewed by The Quality Assurance Department.

The OLRC Team is conversant with the diverse English Dictionaries that are in place, and for that reason, The Consultancy always accommodates the American or British English. In order to have your document reflect one of those Dictionaries you are requested to mention the same on the onset so as to avoid whatsoever inconveniences.

The OLRC intends to Make Legal Information Useful, in doing so The Consultancy clings on the precise fact that laws are products of facts and this applies in the past, present and future, not to mention what one Roscoe Pound asserted as a proponent of Sociological School of Thought (Social Engineering) that the Law exists in Action or Form. 


As we execute our mandates with ease due to the dynamic status of the Society, it might not be vivid within the legal practitioners and/or legislators of the majority of Countries within the parenthesis of Least Developed Countries (The LCD States) that the law is taking a diverse angle and that there is much more than what is regarded as Human Rights Law. In majority of the rostrums in The LCD States it is always about violation of Human Rights Laws; hence, many brilliant legal practitioners have invested their mental zeal into those areas, not keeping in mind that there are other areas of laws that are emerging and ought to be given equal or even with more concern.

For instance, the element of Globalisation is picking up tremendously and no one can ignore that despite the pros that it proffers, it equally proffer grave cons more so to The LCDs since they lack the ability to access Information. In this case, information that can enable them invest or address these areas of law that are cropping up such as 3D Design and Law, Space Law, Intellectual Property Law, Sale of Goods vis-a-vis virtual or digital content, Cyber Law, Information Technology Law, Energy Law  et al.

These challenges are rooted deep into the LCD States like veins that provide intoxicated or laced blood into the body of a living organism. These has lead to the disability of African (Foreign) Countries from harnessing opportunities in Africa and equally African States have been unable to harness the vast resources within their territories due to the hardship they face in accessing vital data and machinery. Therefore, as The OLRC delivers it’s services it is alive to these facts or factors; hence, we are confident that our response will be effective and efficient towards our clients implementation of their course.